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Ferronato® - FC12D

. . . Well suited for testing electrocardiographs, ECG monitors, Holter recorders, QRS synchronised or triggered devices, etc. Digitally generated waveform, with high amplitude and rate stability.

-- Twelve different signals (Leads)


-- Microcontroller based

-- Realistic output impedances


-- Long battery life (>300 h)

-- Easy connection: Banana and Snap-On


-- "Low Battery" indicator

-- Membrane push-buttons


-- Small, sturdy and lightweight

60 and 130 bpm ECG waveforms ECG Simulator FC12D photo Twelve Leads ECG waveforms
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Waveform: Twelve different "PQRST" waves (see figure in above).
Signal amplitude: Fixed, 1.0 mV peak to peak, ± 5 %, for Lead I. From approximately 0.25 to 2.0 mV for other Leads.
Rate: Two selectable values: 60 and 130 bpm, ± 0.2 % (bpm = "Beats per Minute").
Complex width: 600 ms at 60 bpm and 435 at 130 bpm.
Output impedance: Maximum 4500 Ohms between any terminal and N (RL).
Signal Offset: Maximum 0.2 mV, for isoelectric line.
Connection: Ten outputs with two types of connectors: 4 mm female Banana and Snap-On stud, with 20 mm spacing. IEC colour code (or "European").
Light indicators: Green LED flashing on each QRS. Red LED flashing on "Low Battery".
Power supply: 9 V battery, type PP3 or 6LR61. Inverted polarity protected.
Consumption: 0.310 mA (integrated), at 60 bpm.
Operating temp: From -10º C to +50º C.
Size: Maximum dimensions: 139 x 75 x 32 mm.
Weight: 140 grams without battery. Approximately 185 grams with battery.
Accessories: Includes User´s Manual, carrying bag and battery.
Warranty: Two years.

These specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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