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Magnetic Instruments

We are representatives in Spain for the following leading companies:


Bartington Instruments Ltd

Fluxgate magnetometers and magnetic probes, ideally suited for low and very low fields measurement. Also magnetic susceptibily meters.

Internet site:

  • Fluxgate magnetometers
  • Magnetic probes, for one or three axes
  • Gradiometers, one and three axes
  • Magnetic susceptibility meters, for laboratory and field, including deep bore-holes


Metrolab Instruments SA

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) magnetometers, for low and high fields.

Internet site:

  • NMR magnetometers
  • Hall Effect handheld magnetometer (Teslameter), 3 axes
  • Digital integrator, for inductive probes (measures high fields) and other general uses.

We also have an excellent Pulse Magnetiser and other instruments, as well as Helmholtz coils of any requested size, circular or quadrangular.


Please, do not hesitate in consulting us if you want.

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