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Ferronato - BH600-3-B

---  Desktop set of three pairs of Helmholtz coils, for laboratory and general purposes.

---  Suited for many magnetic measurements and experiments, in DC and AC.

  • Equal generating field ratio for the three pairs, with a round value easy to handle: 300 T/A.

  • Accurately made, with a resultant error smaller than 1% in the generated field.

  • Thanks to its simple support and its joins by screws the coil arrangement can be modified with relative facility.

  • Coils on aluminium alloy forms.

  • Each aluminium form provides a usable extra turn, with connection in the terminal block. An application example is the generation of a small magnetic field (DC or AC) to modulate the main one. Also it can be wired to generate small gradients.  - Click here for more details -

  • The aluminium forms also act like electrostatic screens.

  • The coils can undergo heatings of until at least 100 C without damage.

  • Robust construction but with a reasonable weight.

  • Totally constructed with non-ferromagnetic materials.

  • Excellent quality/price ratio.

  • It is an improved version of our previous BH600-3-A coil-set.

  • There are versions of one and two axes available, with similar characteristics:

    • BH600-1A-B, on one axis, horizontal. It only has the X pair.

    • BH600-1B-B, on one axis, vertical. It only has the Z pair.

    • BH600-2A-B, on two axis, horizontal/horizontal. It has the X and Y pairs.

    • BH600-2B-B, on two axis, horizontal/vertical. It has the  X and Z pairs.

    There is a page available in "PDF" format with images of these versions: -Click here to download this -



Field/Current ratio: 300 T/A (3.0 Gauss/A). For each pair, X, Y or Z. Maximum error: 1%.
Maximum field: 1.20 mT (12.0 Gauss) in steady mode / 2.4 mT (24 Gauss) during 2 minutes. Each pair.
Maximum current: 4.0 A in steady mode / 8 A during 2 minutes (initial coil temperature: 20 C). Each pair.
Isolation voltage: 250 V DC minimum, between windings and their forms and between pairs. Tested to 500 V DC.
Magnetic field homogeneity: Differences smaller than 1%, in respective to the centre, in a spherical volume of 150 mm in diameter centred in the coils. Differences smaller than  5%  in a spherical volume of 220 mm in diameter. Larger volumes to 1% and 5% along some directions.
Orthogonality error: < 0.2 in between any pair of axes. Optionally <0.1.
Connection:  Barrier strip terminal block, with brass M4 screws ( 4 mm).
Wiring capacity: A maximum current of 10 A for any circuit.
Maximum working temperature: 80 C for the whole set / 100 C for the coils, as measured on the coils surface.
Coil cross section: Winding: 11 x 12 mm, maximum. Total (form): 15 x 15 mm.
Materials: Windings in enamelled copper wire, filled with epoxy resin. Coils forms of aluminium alloy, with internal isolating epoxy layer, with terminal plate of epoxy/fibreglass (FR4) with PVC covers. Pillars and brackets of the stand support of Acetyl ("Delrin"). Upper an lower plates of foamed PVC. Screws of brass and Nylon.
Maximum dimensions: Height 705 mm x Wide 589 mm x Depth 631 mm.
Weight: 15.8 kg for the BH600-3-B coil-set.  See in below a table for the weights of all the versions.
Accessories: Delivered with Instruction Manual in Spanish and English.
Warranty: Two years.


  X pair (larger) Y pair (medium) Z pair (smaller)
Effective diameter: 617.4 1 mm 575.5 1 mm 533.5 1 mm
Number of turns: 103 96 89
DC Resistance, at 20 C:                                     (1) 8.6 Ω  3% 7.5 Ω 3% 6.4 Ω 3%
Self-resonance frequency                                  (2) 8.7 kHz 5% 9.1 kHz 5% 11.2 kHz 5%
Self-inductance: 38 mH  5% 30 mH  5% 24 mH  5%
Secondary field generated by the forms when used as coils (Xs, Ys, Zs):                                             (3) 2.91 T/A  1% 3.12 T/A  1% 3.37 T/A  1%

(1) - Resistance measured at the general terminal block.

(2) - Self-resonance measured with one end of the forms wired to one end of its respectives coil pairs (for example: -Xs wired to -X). If the forms are not connected (floating forms) the frequency is about twice.

(3) - We call this constructive idea "In-Circuit Coil Forms".  - Click here for more details -


Version: BH600-3-B BH600-2A-B BH600-2B-B BH600-1A-B BH600-1B-B
Pairs of coils included: X, Y, Z X, Y X, Z X Z
Weight, in kg: 15.8 13.4 13.0 10.3 9.5

- These specifications are subject to change without prior notice -


- There is a page in PDF format with views of all the BH600-x-B versions, for 1, 2 and 3 axes.

 - Click here to download this -


- This page in PDF format (for better print and spreading of this):   - Click here to download this -


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